Rate the tax assessments: the July boom

The installment is confirmed as the most used by taxpayers to pay tax assessments. In the last month of July, Equitalia reports, there was a record of 156 thousand requests, with a weekly average of about double that recorded in the first six months of the year. As of today, 2.4 million installments are in force for a value of 26.6 billion euros.

More than half of Equitalia's collections today take place through deferred payment. Approximately 76.9% of installments concern natural persons, the remaining 23.1% companies and VAT numbers. Considering the amounts, 65.9% were granted to companies and 34.1% to natural persons. 70.8% of installments concern debts of up to 5 thousand euros, 26.2% of debts between 5,000 and 50 thousand euros and 2.9% over 50 thousand euros.

Lombardy leads the "classification" of the regions with over 384 thousand installments active for an amount of 5.5 billion, followed by Lazio (305 thousand for 3.7 billion), from Campania (265 thousand for 3.2 billion) and Tuscany ( 231 thousand for 1.9 billion).

Equitalia remembers that initiatives to simplify tax obligations continue. In 2015, the folders with attachments will be notified of the pre-compiled installments of the debt that can be granted on the basis of the parameters established by law. The tax payer, explains the note, can choose to pay in a single solution or join the payment plan that best suits his needs and financial resources. This is a new step forward to improve the relationship with taxpayers who will no longer have to go to the counter or simulate the amortization plan from the website, but will have all the elements available to decide how to pay at the same time the notification of the folder.

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